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Interview: Heads Talking with Strand of Oaks

HEADS TALKING is an interview series where a shared love of music bridges divides and starts friendly conversations about the world around us. They are dialogues between musicians and their fans [via Facebook Live] meant to inspire participation beyond the ballot box. A recent guest was Timothy Showalter, the man behind Strand of Oaks. The full…

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Through HeadCount, I Find Myself: A 13 Year Volunteer Journey

In early 2004 my boyfriend, Morgan, received an email from one of his favorite bands announcing that a new, music-oriented voter registration organization called HeadCount was looking for volunteers.  He signed us both up immediately, and when I got home from work he was practically bouncing up and down with excitement.  I was a few…

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Ranked Choice Voting Receives Bipartisan Support in Many States

In a time when many feel their access to a true democracy is blocked by gerrymandering, the electoral college, voter fraud, or voter suppression, bipartisan support is brewing around the country for a different approach to elections: Ranked Choice Voting (RCV). How it works: When completing the ballot the voter ranks all candidates in order of preference.  Ballots are…

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Internet Responds to ‘Steve Bannon was a Deadhead’ Story

According to a college friend of Steve Bannon, the presidential advisor was a big Grateful Dead fan during his undergrad days at Virginia Tech. Such a big fan that when Arnold Toynbee, a favorite historian of his passed away, he went to down to the university radio station and requested that they dedicate a spin…

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Participation Row and Okeechobee: A Perfect Match

The first ever Participation Row social action village at the Okeechobee Music Festival was a tremendous success! This year’s Okeechobee Fest saw performances from Bassnectar, Solange, Usher, The Roots, Kings of Leon and GRiZ in addition to hosting Participation Row in the interactive ChobeeWobee village. The Row was organized by us at HeadCount and Clean…

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Interview: Heads Talking with G. Love

HEADS TALKING is an interview series where we use our shared love of music to bridge divides and start a friendly conversation about the world around us. We want to foster a non-partisan dialogue between musicians and their fans (using Facebook Live) and inspire everyone to participate beyond the ballot box.  Our first guest was G….

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Let America Vote: New Group Fighting Voter Suppression

Yesterday Jason Kander, former Army captain, Missouri Secretary of State and U.S Senate candidate announced his next move: forming Let America Vote, a non-profit dedicated to fighting against voter suppression. This could be really cool. It might even be cooler than the time Kander assembled an AR-15 rifle blindfolded in a campaign ad. According to…

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Interview: Peter Shapiro on Producing The Women’s March on Washington Live Stream

On January 21st an estimated 3.3 million Americans grabbed signs, started chants and attended either the Women’s March on Washington, or the satellite marches around the country. For those who couldn’t make the marches, there was a free live stream of the DC event. That live stream was filmed and produced by HeadCount Board Member,…

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Sun and Fun: Participation Row at Okeechobee

We are excited to announce that we are bringing the Participation Row social action village, powered by Clean Energy Advisors, to the Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival in south Florida, March 2nd-5th. At Participation Row, fans exploring the grounds will have a chance to register to vote with us, learn about climate change from Clean…

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2016 with HeadCount: A Year in Pictures

There are many reasons why 2016 was an notable year for me and HeadCount. The year was bookended by the passing of David Bowie and the election of Donald Trump, but so much more happened. Not to compare myself or my life to any importance of either of those men, but I did have two major events…

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